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Solar Water Heating System

Solar Water Heating System

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Type Flat Plate Collector & ETC Type Solar Water Heater
Certification ISO 9001:2008, BIS

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Min. Order Quantity 1 Set(s)
Payment Terms Other
Delivery Time 2-3 working weeks
Packaging Details Unpacked Condition

Industrialization brings with itself a bright future by way of innovative and efficient handling of both conventional and non - conventional products. Solar Energy is the key non-conventional source which when used effectively leads to better returns on investments. The continuity of solar energy is unaffected by power cuts or transmission losses. It is safe and requires no maintenance. Besides its absolutely pollution free.. Sun is the only source of energy available, without any sign of decline. Salient



  • Easy to Install
  • Durable Saves Energy
  • High Standards of quality
  • High operating efficiency
  • Accident Free Suitable for heating fluids up to 85oC
  • The most luxurious way of getting hot water Quick return on investment 100% depreciation for commercial use


Advantage of Solar System : Solar Water Heating Systems, you will find, make great sense - both economically. Powered as they are by the Sun, Solar Water Heating Systems save you a significant Amount on your electricity bills, month after month. In fact, these savings over a Period of time, pay for the one time investment of the Solar Water Heating System. After which the hot water comes to you absolutely Free! You need have no worries about rising electricity tariffs unlike the owners of power - hungry geysers! Not only is Solar Energy free, it is forever ! Add to this the durability of a Solar Water Heating System from Warm Stream Solar and you have hassle - free hot water for years! Solar energy is clean, non-polluting energy. So while you enjoy a hot water bath, you can enjoy the warmth of knowing that you are doing your bit to help make a better and healthier place for future generations.


How It Works? The Industrial / Commercial Solar Water Heating Systems are designed to supply water at 80oC. Sun rays pass through the transparent glass of the collector and strike on the black surface of the absorber. The black coating on the absorber converts

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Based on heating 100 liters of water from 15° to 65° C

Fuel Calorific
value of

Cost to produce
100 ltrs. Warm Water
Total expenses per day for an average requirement of 20 ltrs. of hot water per person (Rs.)
Wood (Dry) 3900 Kcal / Kg. 0.6 2-50/kg 5.35 1.07
Charcoal 5500 Kcal/kg. 0.7 9.00/kgs 11.68 2.33
Kerosene 9110 Kcal/kg. 0.65 28.00/kgs 23.62 4.72
Cooking Gas 11700 Kcal/kg. 0.75 22.00/kgs 12.55 2.51
Electricity 860 Kcal/Kwh 0.95 4.50/Kwh 27.54 5.51

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